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Charge management for quality control - all process data under control

Chargenmanagement - Chargenprotokollierung

How do you meet demands with the plant’s own production control? How do you receive the essential information out of your plant? Do you need a discharge by the compilation of your documents?

By the automatic recording of the production data you avoid rejects and claims. You will receive traceability over all material movement and wide analysis possibilities both time related and product related   the openness of the systems and the interface will guarantee a problem-free integration in the existing technique system. The data back up of the data base guarantees also the implementation of the archival requirements according to DIN EN 13108-21.

The system provides you a batch related stock overview and material movements of the charges over several storage locations. The charge login affects the storage of all relevant data to all production charges and demonstrates these in the different charges records.

The production data base receives the data directly out of the PLCs. For that purpose several data will be collected in the PLC, buffered and transferred in the data base. In case of network black out the data will be buffered in the PLC. The operators get on their user interface the essential functions which they need for their work. Different rights can be submitted to the users. The safeguarding against failure is warranted by the buffering of the data in the PLC.



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