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S7 - DALI-Gateway (Ethernet)

S7 - DALI-Gateway (Ethernet)

S7 - DALI-Gateway (Ethernet)

Would you like to use your PLC for building control or expand it? Are you looking out for an industrial-grade controller for your DALI bus?

Via the S7 - DALI-Gateway (Ethernet) of NFT you can use your industrial-grade controller Siemens S7 for an individual and energy-efficient light management in variable fields.

You can connect your DALI bus directly via Ethernet with your industrial-grade controller (PLC) S7 with the help of the S7 - DALI-Gateway (Ethernet). Thus you are able to realize extensive and breath-responsive lightning scenarios by the well-known S7 technology without further components. You can use an individual and energy-efficient light management in different areas of your halls and plants.

The S7 – DALI-Gateway (Ethernet) is compatible with the Siemens PLC S7-1500, S7-1200, S7-300, S7-400, ET200SP CPU and ET200S IM CPU. It is able to control and evaluate up to 64 DALI subscribers. Furthermore an addressing of the subscribers via web-interface is possible and it can automatically be done randomly.

You can connect plenty of S7 – DALI-Gateway (Ethernet) to your network via Ethernet connection by using TCP/IP. You shall receive a S7-DALI-Gateway function block library with a communication- and standard- functional block for S7 so that you can communicate with your subscribers directly in future.

Functions of the S7 - DALI-Gateway (Ethernet) at a glance:

  • Control, evaluation and managing of DALI terminal devices via an industrial-grade con-troller
  • Connection to the S7 range of controllers 1500, 1200, 300, 400 or ET200SP CPU, ET200S IM CPU via Ethernet connection by use of TCP/IP
  • Control, visualization and addressing of up to 64 DALI subscribers per S7- DALI-Gateway (Ethernet)
  • Flexible use and nearly endless expandable with further S7- DALI-Gateway (Ethernet) by the use of Ethernet connection


The Gateway communicates with the S7 PLC via Ethernet by using TCP/IP. TCP/IP can be used all-purpose and independent and so it is very fail-safe. For example IP-addresses can be configured statically or automatically allocated by DHCP-Server.
You can program and edit the PLC-program by Step 7 (Simatic Manager/ TIA-Portal). The included function block library contains a communication- and standard- functional block. Depending on the used PLC and the programming you can connect plenty of S7 - DALI-Gateway (Ethernet) to your network.


The S7 - DALI Gateway (Ethernet) of NFT can be located in a control cabinet and mounted on DIN rails right next to the PLC, or it can be installed in a separate sub-distribution box at any location in the network . The power supply can be ensured by tapping it from the PLC or by providing a separate 24V DC power supply source.

Via the integrated web-interface of the S7 - DALI-Gateway (Ethernet) a fast-addressing of the DALI-subscribers is possible. Thereby all connected DALI- subscribers are addressed randomly with a one-time short-address.

DALI-mouse (Computerinterface), comp. ABB

How does the DALI-mouse support you?

With the DALI-mouse you have the possibility to parametrize your DALI-EVGs with all possibilities of the DALI-norm. It affords amongst others functions as short- and group- addressing and assigning scenes.

We offer the DALI-mouse to you as an option to the S7 - DALI-Gateway (Ethernet).

Product data sheet S7 - DALI-Gateway (Ethernet)

Technical data sheet S7 - DALI-Gateway (Ethernet)



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