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Are you anxious about unpleasant surprises? Design or construction faults that become apparent only under specific operating conditions and could jeopardise your production?


NFT looks beyond its own nose especially when it comes to design and construction. This is where you benefit from our diverse process know-how. The comprehensive treasure chest of experience that our designers have enables them to be constantly on the lookout for any optimisation potential in your systems. The significant cornerstone is laid here particularly with respect to plant and operator safety.

The requirements defined by the basic planning specified by you or prepared jointly with us are implemented by our experienced designers. In the process, all issues pertaining to a safe and reliable system are taken into account.
Ideas are exchanged within the team and implemented for the best possible solution for you. For this purpose, we work with tools that are considered to be the best in the market in the field of CAE design. In addition, we also use our own proven ad time-tested constructive systems in many projects for integrated documentation.

You recognise good documentation only when you need it.

We compile the documentation for your projects not only at the end of the project, but instead, commence with it right at the initial stage of the project. Thus, the documentation, without exception, includes all documents and information that are necessary in a well-arranged manner. You will appreciate the high quality of the documentation particularly when it comes to documents for circuit diagrams and wiring or connection schemes.


The following systems, among others, are used:

• EPLAN 5.7


• etc.



Would you like to have more information on the subject of construction?

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