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► Achieving transparency directly from your existing process values - no unnecessary hardware costs

► Manufacturer-independent integration into your visualisation system - no additional software systems


Necessary for your production and process values that are already being acquired at present. NFT uses the process values that are already available for setting up your EnMS. No additional hardware is required in this case.

By integration in your plant visualisation system, the potential for optimisation and efficiency in your customary software environment can be uncovered. It is not necessary to switch to other software products (manufacturer-independent).


• NFT relies on your automation level
• No unnecessary hardware costs
• No additional software systems
• No additional installations and machinery breakdowns
• Complete integration in your visualisation systems
• No extra administrative effort, important KPIs available with a click
• Customised system structure

• Data monitoring in the plant visualisation system and / or in the network
• Automatic report generation
• Preparation of your own key figures
• Comparison of process parameters with consumption figures

• Application of all types of communication. For example: Ethernet, ProfiBUS MPI, MBUS, Modbus, Profinet, etc.
• Recording of various parameters, such as, for example
- Frequency-controlled motors: Actual current, actual power, actual speed and actual torque
- Control valves (Regulating valves): Actual signal, target (set-point) signal
- Refrigeration plants/ Welding systems: Actual current, actual power
- And many more.



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