EnMS - Step2 - EnergyCONTROL - Energy Management System


Step 2 - EnergyCONTROL

Step 2 - EnergieCONTROL - Energiemanagementsystem



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► Direct response as an automation expert having diverse process know-how

► Manufacturer-independent integration in your visualisation system - no additional software systems

► Preparation of an energy concep/ load management

► Triggering recovery processes

► Optimal process control


As an automation specialist, NFT is in a position to respond immediately to the load peaks / weak spots analysed. Measures for energy efficiency such as, for example, load distribution, elimination of weak spots and also formulating recovery processes etc. are developed and can be implemented directly.

• No other supplier necessary
• Direct response by NFT as an automation expert
• Prevention of load peaks
• Energy cost optimisation
• Process optimisation
• Transparent production

• Modifications can be implemented in the process/ production flow in the PLC
• Formulation of an action plan for step-by-step implementation of efficiency measures
• Detailed monitoring uncovers potential and opportunities for optimisation

• PLC know-how in the most diverse industries
• Upgrading / Replacement of old controllers/ components by efficient and new ones (manufacturer-independent)
• Load management systems that are coordinated with the production



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