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After sales Service - NFT Automatisierungssysteme GmbH

In particular, it is only at the end of successful project execution that the competence of the partner really comes to the fore.

Here, too, we have special tools available for you. We are at your disposal and service by remote maintenance, on-call service, hotline support etc. In this manner, all doors are open for efficient and effective utilisation and implementation of your project.
Please make use of them.


Premium NFT Support

The premium NFT support encompasses the following services and can be combined as desired.

Support Hotline:
Telephonic support for any problems pertaining to the technology. This is a 24 x 7 (24 hours a day, 7 days a week) service on request available to you. And all this, not with a hotline, but directly with a qualified technician.

Support training:
Your workforce from the production or technical departments wishes to have detailed and advanced insights into the functions and method of operation? The manpower dealing with production should be able to solve minor technical problems on their own?
In that case, this service package is just the right one for you. We train your employees intensively and in a sustainable manner with customised documentation.

Production optimisation support:
Does the performance of your system not come up to your expectations?
Make use of our diverse process know-how to enhance the productivity!

Remote maintenance support:
Whether in combination with telephonic support or not, using this service you are in a position to get the best possible technical support even without travel time. In the process, we support you with the latest systems even with respect to data security.

Maintenance support:
Keep your plants and systems up to date with us. You reduce the chances of a shutdown at an unfavourable point in time by regular checks and tests. This service package enhances your plant availability and reduces unnecessary costs.

In addition to the support services mentioned above, you also get basic support from us for your new system as a value addition.

Would you like to have more information on the subject of Support?

Please contact us!

Your direct contact person:
Dipl.-Ing. Frank Haacks
Fon +49(0)5451 5445-200
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