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Database Development

Datenbankentwicklung - NFT Automatisierungssysteme GmbH

Database systems form an integral component of the corporate software today.


To begin with, the purpose behind the use of databases is to manage or organise data and data structures that have "grown historically". In general, these are "Relational Databases" such as, for example, MS SQL Server, MySQL or even MS Access.

NFT stands by you as a competent partner for this purpose.

In areas in which standard software is no longer adequate to organise or map the relevant processes meaningfully using EDP, it becomes imperative to use customised programs.

NFT databases assist you in the process to organise larger volumes of data efficiently and to retrieve operational information whenever desired.

The significant functions and features of database management systems used at present are:

• Saving, overwriting and deleting data
• Administration of metadata
• Precautions for data security
• Precautions for data security
• Precautions for data security
• Enabling multi-user operation by using the transaction concept
• Optimisation of queries
• Enabling triggering and stored procedures
• Provision of key figures about the technique and operation of the DBMS

We prepare customised programs to suit your needs and requirements. The programs always consist of a combination of a database system as the basis and a user interface as the interface to the user.
For this purpose, we use MS Access, MS Visual Studio, VBA, Visual Basic and (depending on the size and area of application) MS SQL Server for database programming, particularly in conjunction with the so-called Access Data Projects (ADP). These standardised systems are configured by us and the user interfaces are programmed in accordance with customer requirements using modules and functions.

MS Access Projects (ADP)

The advantage of this combination lies in the highly variable Access development environment (on the client side) in combination with the time-tested and proven MS SQL Server (on the server side). These expandable client / server solutions offer, among others, the benefit of being able to process larger data volumes quickly and in a stable manner. We also carry out an upsizing of Access mdb databases up to the Access project.

Access 2010 and SharePoint

MS Access 2010 offers highly interesting and attractive options for data exchange with Microsoft's "SharePoint Services". This still relatively new functional aspect of cooperation between users under a web interface is being given increased consideration in the house of NFT apart from the classical database programming.

Your benefit: Why MS Access?

MS Access is the database used most widely across the world. This may have several reasons. A very decisive reason for many database develops appears to be the fact that it is not possible using any other relational database, to develop professional and user-friendly database applications in such a short span of time as with MS Access and VBA as integrated MS Office programming language. In the area of MS Office, VBA will continue to be an integral component as a classical language apart from the DotNet languages. {/magictabs}


The following systems, among others, are used:
• MS SQL Server
• MS Access
• Oracle


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