Manufacturing Execution System (MES) - Transparent mapping of all production processes

Manufacturing Execution System - MES (Produktionsleitsystem) - NFT Automatisierungssysteme GmbH

You have an insight into your production-related data for the first time after a long time. As a consequence, unnecessary costs resulting from shortcomings in quality that are determined only when it is too late?

You lack the insight into the most important data?

Fill the hole between your production- and business-systems (e.g. ERP) with a perfect fitted Manufacturing Execution System. The Manufacturing Execution System (MES) is specificated as a nearly processed operationable level of a multilayered system of manufacturing management. The synonymous definition, production control system, is also mentioned.

All data which incur in the production process will be processed by systems of the Production Data Acquisition (PDA) or the Machine Data Acquisition (MDA) and transferred to a Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) or production control system. A MES-system will be also used for the production planning and process automation in the assembly.

These MES-systems offers beside the control of the production/assembly the real-time management because of the direct connection to the Production Data Acquisition (PDA) and the Maschine Data Acquisition (MDA) as well as the other processes which react on the production process.

Starting from the creation of the order right up to the ready product, MES systems furnish information that facilitates optimisation of production processes. In this manner, you are able to respond faster to changes that affect the manufacturing process. More effective manufacturing and process flows are the outcome. Another by-product of MES systems is the reduction in activities that do not yield any value addition.
MES systems bring a host of benefits to you: better quality, greater utilisation in the production, reduced costs etc.

You get real-time access to the most significant process information across the entire organisation.
Application areas of MES systems:

• Production data acquisition
• Machine data acquisition
• Time recording
• Production control
• Traceability
• Resource management (Material, tools and manpower)
• Detailed planning
• Personnel data acquisition

Process information becomes transparent by accepting data directly at the plant level. You have the option to access data faster with the provision of information from the operational / production level directly into the system level. All prevalent database systems are used in the process. The PLC controllers are generally integrated via OPC servers.

Your benefit: NFT is constantly involved at all corporate and production levels with an extremely high level of technical know-how.


The following systems, among others, are used:

• Proficy Plant Applikation
• Proficy Tracker
• Proficy Workflow
• Proficy DataMart
• Proficy Enterprise Connector
• Proficy Maintenance Gateway
• Proficy Shop Floor SPC
• Proficy RX
• Proficy Machine Tool Efficiency

• Proficy Process Systems
• Proficy Batch Execution
• Proficy Batch Analysis

• Rockwell FactoryTalk VantagePoint

• etc.



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