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Machine data acquisition (MDA)

Maschinendatenerfassung (MDE)

The machine data acquisition (MDA) serves for a connection between plants of assemblies respectively production and information processing.

Essential machine data, which you can receive by an MDA-system:

  • Plant condition (operating time, disturbances, service, maintenance)
  • Capacity utilization of a plant, production output, data of the quality control, and number of products complying with the standard, waste (in case measuring instrumentation is available)
  • Availability/ reliability
  • Energy consumption

Which profit do you get by a machine data acquisition (MDA)?

  • Productions-/ process analysis assemblies
  • Optimizing of the plant uptime
  • Analysis from plant down time
  • Report of plant disturbance
  • Data history for the CIP (Continuous Improvement Process)

By this means: transparent information is an important factor, which can reduce e.g. your set-up times and running times. The transparency of your machine data can help you to raise the output and the quality control and so to affect a positive ability to compete for your company. As code number applies, in this connection, under other the effectively of the entire complex (Overall Equipment Effectiveness, OEE).

The data of your production respectively assembly will be saved digitally in a data logger or directly transferred online from the machine control (e.g. by the OPC architecture). Across corresponding interfaces and software tools the information can be transferred directly to an ERP-, APS- or MES-system and offers you a transparent overview. The combination of the MDA-Data with such a system allows you a high quality production standard planning and control system of production respectively assembly, because the received messages show you directly the current stage of your production and assures the traceability of your products.
Modern plants and equipments are in normal case already process controlled. The data processing is been effected e.g. by a microcontroller, or by a connected sensor system in the machine control system. Alternatively you can catch plant data by a sensor system which is controller independent directly at the machine. The captured data will then be transferred over interfaces and software tools directly to an ERP-, APS- or MES-system. Thereby you receive in resistance a look inside the current condition of the production/assembly.



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