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Production data acquisition (PDA)

Production data acquisition (PDA)

The Production Data Acquisition (PDA) serves to register status and process data in your company. The production data includes the order data, the personal data, the plant data as well as the process data (see the drawing).

The PDA-system is located between the enterprise resource planning (ERP)-level and the controlling level. The installation of the PDA System will be effected by NFT independent from the manufacturer (Siemens, GE, and so on). By the use of the modular installation and beside functionalities of a production data acquisition it also can be extended by functions of a Manufacturing Execution System – (MES).

Obtain the necessary transparency and optimize your production process. By the use of extensive analysis- and report options you may reduce your down time and facilitate the calculation of key figures.

Further benefits of the PDA-system:

  • Reasons of production interferences can be immediately recognized and will be deleted immediately
  • The failure quota can be reduced immensely
  • Summary of all important order data and actual situation
  • All production-/ and plant components of one section in a view
  • Process values are usable for the process development and –stabilization
  • Resources in the construction and process can be utilized precisely
  • Better qualities bring a higher income, a lower claim rate and more content customers
  • The PDA-system supports actively the reduction of expenses in the business policy
  • Manual down time plotting and manual transmission to e.g. SAP will be inapplicable
  • Reduction of distress by the staff, in the production and the process engineering
  • Minimization of machine down time
  • Augmentation of the load factor
  • Standard-plant/ equipment data interface (OPC-Server)
  • OPC-Server interface can be used by other systems
  • Plant/ equipment data in the database are accessible for other systems/ tools
  • Central user administration and plant release
  • Registration of the employees with account data
  • Modularly upgradeable, e.g. about MES-functionalities
  • Etc.

No limits are set regarding the functional layout of your production data acquisition (PDA). You define the complexity of the operating data to be registered. So you receive an individual PDA-System which is adapted to your needs and witch is capable to be extended by a modular installation. Your PDA-system determines e.g. operating conditions, down time reasons, meter readings, normal- and actual values of individual plants and allocates these data to production lines, which can consist of several plants. The recorded operating data can be integrated in manufacturing execution systems.

Operation data are e.g.:

Order specifications:

  • Productions information: time, quantity, weighting, quality, piece number, etc.
  • Ongoing process
  • Order status
  • Feedback

 Personal data:

  • Presence- & working hours
  • Labor expense
  • Access control

Plant data:

  • Capacity utilization
  • Output
  • Plant condition
  • Messages & disturbances
  • Material- & auxiliary consumption
  • Energy consumption

Process data:

  • Quality
  • Parameter of the processes
  • Setting data

Your PDA-system will be connected over standardized data bases with plants from the productions- or assembly area. OPC DA (OLE for Process Control, Data Access) will normally be applicated on the interface. The collection of data will be effected by varied ways. According to the type of data (plant-, order-, process data, etc.), they will be maintained over microcontroller, sensor system, actuating elements etc. or even manual, and be transferred to a PDA-system.

The communication-standard is OPC DA (OLE for Process Control, Data Access). That has been internationally standardized years ago. PLC- or operating-/monitoring- systems (HMI respectively SCADA), from different manufacturers, can be gated.



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